Pamwla Wetterman

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


As Bailey approached seven years of age, her life changed forever.

Not unlike many pet owners, we chose to add a new member to our family. His name is Barkleah James, and his breed, Toy Fox Terrier.

You may ask, Why would one choose such a small dog to live with a bounding Lab?

Good question. Actually a Toy Fox Terrier is a perfect companion for anyone who loves a clown-like personality. They adore their family, prefer to sit in a lap, delight in traveling, and get along with both dogs and cats.

Be aware, the Toy Fox terrier is NOT good with children, hates water, and barks continually at strangers passing by the front window. They will never allow a knock on your door without an alert of an approaching intruder.

Normally, the breed is four to seven pounds. Our Barkleah James arrived the size of a teacup. He now weighs in at twelve plus pounds. Yes, he loves to eat as much as Bailey does. One of many things they have in common.

His arrival was similar to the day I brought my second son home from the hospital. Son number one checked out son number two, sat and held him, cooed at him, giggled and seemed genially excited to meet his brother. However, as our guests began to leave after their visit to greet our newest family member, Son number one stepped to the front door, blocked their exit and remarked, “Don’t forget your baby.”

Barkleah James, tucked in a small cuddle sack, drew Bailey’s interest immediately upon his arrival to our home.  Bailey, well-socialized with dogs all her life, appeared excited to greet the puppy. She soon lost interest in the sleeping guest and ran off to chase a squirrel in the yard.

Once the daily routine of pampering this intruder evidenced, Bailey campaigned with a deafening bark, as if to say—Leave.

Barkleah, not one to shy away from conflict, returned the vocal challenge with his ferocious squeak. He assured her as, an alpha- male, she would never prevail. Within a few days, our beta- girl, Bailey and our alpha male Barkleah, had developed a treaty.

As our alpha-boy grew and matured, Bailey soon realized the power of the pair. She gathered Barkleah under her tutelage and they conspired to run our household. See you next week for the first of many adventures these two partners–in-crime, planned against the adult leaders at the Wetterman homestead.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Tick Tock, Tick Tock

Where did the time go? 

Sorry I have been AWOL for the past few weeks.  No excuses, but lots of reasons. As you know, my closest friend was diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer in February. She has experienced many God given miracles and is healing. Her surgeon told her he had never seen anyone do as well as she has done. He was amazed.
She and her husband are planning a wonderful memory filled vacation this summer. She has placed her future into the hands of our Healer. Keep her in your prayers. 

Secondly, my sweet wonderful black lab, Bailey has been sick.  She decided that as a senior lab, she would be demanding in her health care. No longer will she eat dry dog food. I am cooking full meat and rice meals daily.
The medicine cannot be hidden in cheese. She refuses all meds. And she barks at all times of the day and night. Her bark is demanding. But what does she want—water, food, to go out, or just a tummy rub? She barks and we jump. But the good news is, she is getting better.

Next week I will continue my posts and share the first episode with the introduction of Barkleah. He came to live with us when Bailey turned seven. Their adventures are amazing. Stop by and meet the terrible twosome.